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If you catch yourself in the track of fear, just by having that awareness, you can shift your attention into the track of love. Just by seeing where you are, just by changing your attention, everything around you will change.
Miguel Ruiz // Mastery Of Love

With a background in Shamanic Arts and Kaula Tantra Yoga, I offer a unique blend of traditional yoga practices with a focus on self-discovery and intuition. I combine clear, everyday language with traditional yoga terminology to create inclusive and accessible classes. My goal is to help students trust their bodies’ intuitive wisdom, embrace mindfulness, and overcome anxieties about “belonging” that can sometimes keep people from experiencing the transformative power of yoga. I’m passionate about empowering students of all levels to connect with themselves and the practice.


Yoga Instructor, Content Creator, Meditation & Ceremony at Durga’s Tiger School, Ecuador (2020-2021)

Yoga Instructor, Workshop leader (2022)

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